I’m not sure if this block has a name or not, I couldn’t find one before I did the instructions. It could have been a result of me doodling when I was designing the pattern.

You could change the colours around depending on the look you prefer, so instead of 1-3 being dark to light, you could go light to dark.

To make your block:

You will need 3 fabrics-I’ve labelled them 1,2,3 from dark to light

you will need

3 x 41/2″ square blocks of 1

2 x 41/2″ square blocks of 2

2 x 41/2″ square blocks of 3

1 x 51/2″ square blocks of 2

1 x 51/2″ square blocks of 3

Using the two 51/2″ blocks, create 2 half square triangles. (I have cut these squares larger to give you plenty of room to trim back.) You will find the instructions here.

Layout the blocks as shown in the video

Join the squares into rows, then the rows together.


Trim to 121/2″ square

If you were making multiple blocks, you can have some fun with your layout.  The following photos will give you some ideas of the effects you can achieve.

We have just one more block to make.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow.

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