There must be a name for this block, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you know the name, or if inspiration strikes and I remember it, I will add it later. The main point I wanted to demonstrate was that, with just a few basic building blocks, you can rearrange them to create an infinite number of patterns. If you were to complete four of these blocks and rotated them, you would get a star. 


To make your block:

If you kept your spare 1/2 square triangle from a previous month, you can use it for this block.

Create another two half square triangles following the previous instructions. You want to make them in the same fabrics or in coordinating fabrics. You need 3 half square triangle blocks in total.

You will also need a 61/2 ” square in on of the fabric.

You can use artistic license and arrange the blocks in any position or follow that set in the video.

Press your block

I’ll see you again tomorrow for Block 8

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