Here we are again my Quilting Friends at the end of another year. And it’s been a really productive year for me. Not only have I been Blogging here once a month, I have also created my very own Blog Joyofquilting.

 It’s been the year of the steep learning curve for me. The Quilting bit has been easier than the setting up and running a blog bit. I’m still learning but feel I have achieved so much since this time last year, when I was considering giving up on Blogging altogether. It can be such a lonely place sat pouring your quilting heart out to a computer screen.

So for my UKQU December Blog Post I thought I’d share with you my Three Favourite Blog Posts this year.

In no particular order:

1. My Easy Strippy Cushion.

Looking back at this little project makes me smile. It’s such a cute little cushion. And would make a lovely Little Gift. I often make a cushion up as a Birthday or House Warming Present. But looking back over it this morning I’m thinking how fabulous it would look made up in Christmas Fabrics. If you have been making Christmas Projects some of the scrap strips left over could make another lovely gift!

Then there were my Festive Hearts

Ah, my Festive Hearts. These little beauties. Great for so many occasions. Obviously Christmas. Individually as Tree Decorations and little gifts. Or lots of them in a Garland. But in non Christmas Fabrics they can make Fun Birthday or New Baby Gifts. And as Hearts represent Love they are ideal for any occasion where you want to spread love.

And Most Recently The Cutlery Holders

I have been having so much fun making these over the last few weeks. The Snowman version has been a joy to create. But then I got to thinking, what if someone wanted a more ‘elegant’ version. No problem I thought. Use more elegant Christmas Fabrics. And they are quite fabulous too. Um… And what about the rest of the year…and so I did a Simplified version on my Joyofquilting Blog.

You can see these here

So that’s my Top Three Blog Posts for UKQU 2018.

It’s been a lot of work. Some days I’m flying along and others I wonder whether I can and or should carry on. But there is a need deep inside me to share my love of Stitching and that is what keeps me hitting the Publish Button. I am ready now for a little Christmas break to recharge my creative batteries and enjoy some Family and Me Time.

The good news is I’m already looking forward to what ideas I’m going to have for Blog Posts in 2019.

If you have any ideas, or something you’d like to see me cover. Let me know.

Meanwhile, have a peaceful Christmas and a Love filled New Year.

Joy x