Welcome to 2018. In my world I’m calling 2018 The Year of the Gift

Whether it be a gift for a friend, loved one or even yourself. I enjoy making gifts. I think about the recipient as I stitch and my gifts are truly Stitched with Love.

I’m planning a variety of sizes and skill levels and hope that I can encourage you to join me on my Year of Gifts journey. Dipping in and out as you wish. I plan to use different techniques hopefully some new to Me, as I love to learn myself.

To kick off my Year of Gifts, I’m going to start with a gift to myself/yourself. It is the Gift of finishing one U.F.O. Most of us quilty people have Unfinished Objects tucked away on shelves, in cupboards or drawers. But they also occupy our minds. Making us feel guilty, for not finishing off a project or hoarding projects not yet even opened. And for me a new year is the perfect time to complete a U.F.O. And start the new year with a clear mind.

Sew. I suggest you pick the U.F.O. Which is nearest to completion. One that isn’t going to take long to complete.

This tumbler one was easy to put together and I fully intended makin bias binding to keep the wavy edge. But never seemed to have the time/inspiration to actually bind it – more exciting new projects called.

Mind you you may have a U.F.O. that you have simply fallen out of love with. One that you haven’t even started. There is nothing wrong with passing a U.F.O. on to someone else. Maybe you know someone who would enjoy the project. We can’t all like the same thing.

Sometimes an unstarted project could be given to you quilting classes raffle. Maybe you could organise a ufo day for your friends.

By finishing one project in January you are helping clear your mind of stitching clutter.

I often find that once I’ve mastered a new technique I move on to start my next project without completing the first one. So for me it’s often just the binding that gets left undone.

This Tangled Star became known as the Tangled Mangled Star. I have no desire to repeat this block!

Sometimes I simply don’t enjoy the process and that’s ok too. Simply repurpose, or return the fabrics to your stash. Or even horror of horrors bin it – in the recycling bin of course.

Whatever you do please don’t police yourself and your projects too harshly. We are often our own worst critics, holding ourselves to impossibly high standards. Treat yourself like you would a close quilty friend, cut yourself some slack.

This is a hobby, so fun is the most important factor. Yes, I try my best but perfect I ain’t. So, finish that one ufo. If necessary morph it into a lap quilt or Evan a cushion. But get it done.

Speak to you again in February,  with my next Gift for 2018, Joy