It’s been a busy month in my household these past six weeks, my partner has been busy with training for his charity work, my son has finished his football season and preparing for his SATS. So I have been running around sorting everyone and everything else out.

I have finished my sisters quilt, those final few stitches always feel such a relief. I have a confession to make though, I haven’t started another project or even considered what to do next. I have a few ufos to sort when I get the feeling to sew. I have this week completed a postcard and finally mastered the edges!

I have been in the Gail Lawther book again and have been experimenting with inktense pencils. It’s very satisfying to sit and colour, I have used aloe vera to blend the colours and make them pop! They really do pop, it’s instant as well!

I have a beautiful big colourful bag from Hannah’s room to finish. I was brought a kit for xmas, it included precut fabric and was amazingly simple to put the pattern together. It’s a beautiful roomy, bright bag. I will be finishing it over the next few weeks in time for the Spalding Springfields Show. I love this small quilt show. It was the first quilt show I went too, I went alone and felt very overwhelmed. A few years on I will be attending with my good friend and my patchwork tutor (also my neighbour ). I have started a shopping list for this show and the foq, but there is something wrong with me! There’s hardly anything on the list, I’m hoping this strange feeling passes very soon!