At the end of April I attended a workshop hosted by Emma Bradford in her beautiful shop between Stamford and Peterborough. I attended a Hawaiian quilt workshop with my friend. Emma had sent out a comprehensive list of items required for the class. After a bit of research and discussion with my friend I decided to choose a very  bright colour. I generally make pieces in greys and blues but I felt this project deserved something bold. My son was home when I opened the parcel of the bright red firework effect fabric, he was astonished by the brightness of the fabric telling me it was great and I should do more colourful things.

We began by attaching bondaweb and drawing out templates, then transferring design to back of fabric and cutting out, this took hours. But Emma was chatting and discussing new projects she had lined up, the other ladies on the class were pleasant, we all worked through the stages. It was very relaxed, lots of teas and coffees on hand. Hawaiian quilts remind me of snowflakes we made as kids, the cutting out took hours but the finished result was astonishing, I had purchased white for the background colour, but through our chatting the other ladies on the course encouraged me to try other colours available in the shop. Emma was very helpful lots of fabric was tried out, I had managed to get it down to two fabrics.

I finally chose the plain blue as I felt it made the red fabric pop. I’m still blanket stitching around the edge of this piece but once it is finished I will show it in my blog.

I would throughly recommend attending a workshop with Emma in the shop. There’s a great list on website of all the workshops, the shop is a gem, lots of reasonably price beautiful fabrics available. Hanging in Emma’s shop are so amazing quilts she has made but the stand out one for my friend and I was the Alice in wonderland quilt, it was so unique and beautiful definitely a quilt I would make if the pattern became available.