Hello Everybody!!

I’m the one lucky enough to be designing the Mystery Quilt!!!  (I’m also the one the poor site admins have been struggling with, techno-hopeless is me!!)  I’m also the one with very cerise hair, or possibly rainbow hair, depends on the day and the show, I think some of you may well know me, or at least heard me if you’ve been passing my workshops, I know I’m a bit loud!

I’ve been a colourist and an artist of sorts my whole life……… ( here’s me happy as, a short while before I found the hair dye and when I could still fit in my Dad’s shirt!)

Since I found that I could transfer my design and artistic thoughts into and onto fabric, (a more controlled manner of doing this developed as I grew older),  I’ve become a bit obsessed with P&Q.    I’ve spent the last 20ish years designing P&Q possibilities while completing a few City & Guilds along the way, with a slight foray into embroidery C&G’s, then teaching for the last 17yrs.  For every 1 item I produce there’s 50 that didn’t happen and 50 more connotations on each of those!  My brain doesn’t stop, colour & pattern is everywhere…….. I also like to laugh, a lot!

The teaching bit wasn’t intended, a bit of an ‘accidental passion’ and has gradually taken over my working life so that I no longer work in officialdom, but totally for myself within my hobby.  How spoilt am I?!  I’m based in Wadebridge, Cornwall, so not only do I get to play everyday, I get to be in one of the nicest inspirational areas of the world as well.

The joy of creating and teaching gets top priority, so you may have seen me on my mission around the national shows and teaching anywhere I’m requested, if its possible.  I love to teach traditional hand P&Q, especially for beginners, we all started somewhere and I believe practical, positive encouragement is the key.   I do teach machine techniques as well and I’m never happier than when I’m mixing things up, especially if its not normally acceptable!!  Some of you will know me for ‘Pile & Plundering’ my way through life with a type of machine reverse applique, I even wrote a book on it a few years back. (there’s a couple more books in the brain cell if ever I get time to write them)

I believe strongly that perfection would be wonderful, but the enjoyment and the therapy obtained whilst making our artworks outweighs it.  “I teach P&Q as a Therapy”, I’m lucky to have my own ‘Therapy Cupboard’ to teach in.  I teach and play, not just with hand work, but with most techniques, including machine work and embroidery and dyeing and batik and beading and silk painting and mixed media and watercolour and and……. and I make my own designs and write my own patterns.

I try always to be approachable, so if you have any questions, especially as we work through the Mystery Quilt, please ask, if one person wants to know something there’s a very good chance someone else wants or needs to know as well!….. I’m always learning as well, so don’t be surprised if I end up asking you stuff!

I’m more than looking forward to producing the Mystery Quilt with you all, we’ll be learning and laughing together, with a few “technical terms” along the way no doubt. It’s definitely different, very colourful and quite random a bit abstract looking…….

Continuing the theme of random, they say a photo says a thousand words so  here are some recent photos of stuff, I love stuff……. I thought it might help……. and some of my words that have come back to haunt as quotes!……

Positivity is always the way!”…..         “There is no wrong or right, or mistake, there are design developments and lessons learnt.”…..        “Enjoy”…..      “Don’t be sorry, be happy”…..         “Just do it!”….. ” I’m practicing my eccentricities for my old age”…..     “Accuracy!!!!!!”…….