Who’s up for another challenge and my name is put forward before I’ve even finished the last one which was Landmarks. This one is Months and I have been given April. Lovely April showers and umbrellas immediately spring to mind.

Off to my Tuesday group with no idea what to take when I suddenly remember the challenge a quick root around google and the word April and up pops a few pictures that are jumping out at me. I then run upstairs and grab a piece of tone on tone fabric for the background a fabric pen and my tool roll complete with a skein of blue embroidery cotton.

By the time the hour and half are over and its time to head back home I have drawn on the design and had worked my way through most of the lettering.

Wednesday its carted to the two groups I host one in the morning and one in the afternoon and apart from the odd question hear and there and help given I am able to work on my April piece. I have decided that Im going to keep in small and hang alongside my hall mirror which has become an unofficial display wall. Its where I seem to have put all my little bits and pieces on display and where a lot of it is redwork. With the theme of April and the rain blue is the colour chosen for this but it evolves into being more colourful than the blues I anticipated.

My afternoon group were so settled in what they were all doing that I was able to finish the whole April mini hanging to bring home and display the minute I got in house.


The finished item is 8” x 9” and fits in just nicely alongside the mirror and with the other little pieces on display. It consists of hand embroidery, free motion machine embroidery with applique and using the raindrops as the quilting, finishing off with binding.

I think this is the fastest make ever, less than 24 hours and its hanging on display!

Waiting for the next challenge!!