Blackberry Ripple.

Mini Quilt Swap UKQU 2018

I love joining in the UKQU Mini Swap and this year it was no different.  It was my third swap and I was just as anxious as my first!

I do enjoy staking the swapee and this lady gave me very clear directions on her initial form.  I did pick up things about my swapee on the journey and I am hoping that I got the design right. I wanted colours she loved, a traditional design but with visible quilting and enhancements i.e. beads.

The quilt was a Convergent design and It was my first attempt at this this pattern.  Sadly I got the colours in the wrong place on the first go but managed it on the second one; I am happy to waste fabric if it means I have learnt something, although I haven’t scrapped the first attempt as it may come in handy for something smaller. The quilt was then bordered in the same fabrics so that the convergent strips appeared to float in the middle.  The top was then layered with batting and backing ready to quilting.

“Each Life creates endless ripples” Frank Herbert

I chose this quote because we all make a mark on the world and I love the idea of the ripples gently floating away from our actions.   I chose the blueberry section to place the centre of the ripples and started with a small circle, adding more and more until I fell off the end of the quilt!  In the middle of the ripples I attached a Swarovski Rivoli crystal onto 2 circles of fabric. You can see below that the rivoli was attached with a wall of Delica seed beads that made up the bezel.  The last couple of rows are made up of smaller Delica seed beads so that they naturally pull in over the crystal thus securing it.  From the side of the bezel I attached smaller crystals which represent droplets of water.  On the blueberry quarter I added beads at intervals to make the ripples more prominent along the quilted stitch line.


What I particularly like about the mini quilt swap is that it challenges you. Yes it is anxiety provoking but it is good to know that everyone is in the same boat.  I loved the one I received and it is hanging on my wall in a very prominent place where visitors can appreciate it and where I can enjoy it on a daily basis.  If you haven’t tried this swap it  is well worth considering so bring on the Autumn swap; I am definitely ready and willing!


  1. Sue Burford

    Ruth, you just get better and better. Loved your Mini but close up it is stunning. I must admit I didn’t see the Cystal from the pic on thre FB page but now I can see it and the explanation of how you attached it – brilliant!! 🙂