I’ve finally got a sewing room! I’m so excited! I’ve had to decorate two room and convince my son to move into a different (bigger) bedroom, his only condition was that I paint it grey(it was pale purple). After three long hard days decorating I finally finished his room, I looked at the spare room and raided the paint pots in the garage to find a colour for the now empty spare room. I found a lovely relaxing grey/lavender colour. I purchased a desk for my sewing machine and moved all my sewing bits and pieces into the room.

During the move it was decided that I would have to make a protective mat for the furniture in my sons new bedroom. He loves his fender electric guitar and his weekly lessons so I used this as inspiration, along with Pinterest.

The piece with two guitars on it are both free motioned, it’s still something I’m learning to perfect, very scary and goes against everything I’ve been taught by my neighbour. I’ve found that if I work on a free motion piece for ten minutes then have a wander around the house my shoulders don’t ache too much. This is the biggest piece I’ve every free motioned so I had to keep moving the excess fabric. The black fender is based on his own fender guitar which I appliqué onto fabric then added details, I’ve been told there’s a few mistakes by my son but when asked if he wanted the piece or not he soon ran off with it.

 My son is pleased with both of these pieces for his room.