Beautiful Fat Quarters 

During the recent UKQU Bloggerati retreat we were given a goodie bag and inside there was a lovely fat quarter pack donated by the wonderful Craft Cotton Co. These were in gorgeous purples and mauves with splashes of reds in some.

In December my sisters grandchildren have birthdays and last year I made Freddie a book and crayon carry case (link here) from some lovely dinosaur fabric and his sister Daisy a matching one in ballerina fabrics. What to do this year! I took out this lovely bundle and decided to create bunting for Daisy out of one  fat quarter.  The bright one with red / orange flowers was perfect for this!.

I decided on a size for the bunting and made a pattern. This was 7.5” top to bottom and 8” wide. I managed to cut 8 triangles out of one fat quarter which was good as I needed seven (Daisy’s name and an extra one at each end). I also cut seven triangles from some scrap cream curtain lining I had to back each piece with.

I needed to add Daisy’s name and to do this I copied  the letters onto Bondaweb and ironed it to the back of some sparkly green fabric I had hidden away. Beware….. the letters need to be copied backwards  on the Bondaweb (see the image below) and this takes a bit of getting your head around! 

Once ironed onto the green fabric the letters were cut out and placed onto the individual triangles. I used green thread to raw edge applique the letters onto the fabric.

Ready for ironing onto the  fabric triangles.

Note… I started off using stabiliser on the back of the triangles to stop puckering when stitching but the applique fabric was so stiff that it wasn’t needed.

With right sides together the top and backing were stitched down both sides, leaving the top open. The points were trimmed and the triangles turned inside out and pressed. The two sides were then edge stitched.

For the ribbon top I used bias binding and estimated the length required by:

  • Multiplying the width of the triangles top edges by 7,
  • Added 2” between each triangle
  • Added 18” either end.

Please note…. when I made a second set of bunting  I only left 1” between each triangle and this is definitely a better spacing. The bias binding was pressed in half lengthwise and I started in the centre placing the individual triangles within the fold whilst making sure the letters were in the correct order.

The bias binding was stitched down on the edge to secure the triangles and then a loop made either end. A second one was made for Freddie using scraps from the fabric bundle I used for his carry case last year and some bright red sparkly fabric for his name. Luckily he is still in love with Dinosaurs!

This is a lovely and quick project that can be made from scraps or fat quarters.  Please have a go – I am sure a whole range of people would love to receive a string of bunting.