Blankets and fabric

Three years ago we had our first contact. Donna was working on a Travelers Blanket and I loved it. I responded and we got Facebook-friends.

The Travelers Blanket is an idea and design by Dijanne Cevaal. When people didn’t blog, or even sent postcards, they did travel anyway… On the road they added pieces of fabrics and little memories to the blankets they carried with them.

Donna worked on hers during the long hours she spent at her fathers bed when he was very sick. They picked the pieces of fabric together, Donna appliquéd them, embroidered and cared for her father. When he died, she finished it. It is a very precious memory.

I just loved the idea, and went to work it rightaway. I had 2 old wool leftover jackets that I grew out. I took them apart, cut them into squares pieces and sewed them together.

With old socks, a very precious t-shirt, ribbon, beads and clay buttons made for me by a dear friend it became a wonderful shawl in Travelers Blanketstyle, but very much Hilda at the same time. The idea of a whole quilt kept stuck in my head.

But well… you know… so much to do…

I started this 2-yearround artquiltcourse… and got more to do… I told you about it in an earlier blog. Off course you get homework to do! At the moment I am busy working at the endpiece, that we have to make for our big presentation at the exhibition in Deventer, coming September. I will blog about that later in the year…

The Travelers Blanket was resting in a hidden little room in my mind…

Until we met Donna for real. We met at her home in the States on our vacation. What a supervisit that was! The hospitality, in her home, at her quiltbee, it was a great stay..

And that’s were I could really “meet” her Travelers Blanket for real as well. I fell totally in love. When we arrived home, I started making it.

Just yesterday I submitted it for that big exhibition… just started quilting…

Here’s a little sneak peek…

Want to know more about my journey with my Travelers Blanket?

Keep an eye on my next blog, where I will explain and show the “how-did-you-do-it”!

Travel along! Till we meet again…


  1. Ruth Garner

    Wow! Only just read this blog! Have been reading about fabric journals and really interested in starting something like this. Looking forward to the rest of your blogs although they may have already been posted. Thanks Hilda.

    1. Hilda Wessels Post author

      Hi Ruth!
      In the meantime I had another blog posted about thuis Travelers Blanket.
      Thank you for your nice comment!
      There are so many ways to make a fabric journal… they are all interesting!
      Good luck… and if you have questions please ask, OK?