I recently participated in a block drive for Q4CL  – the charity working with the Gold from the Stone Foundation.  Many of you will already know this charity provides careleavers with a dinner at Christmas, and Q4CL aims to give each of them a quilt each – which in many cases could be the only personal possession they leave childcare with, apart from their clothing.  Its been a major undertaking this year to reach the target to deliver to 17 dinners of 50 people … that’s a lot of quilts!

We decided to run a monthly block (BOM) for members of UKQU on Facebook to donate one block (or more) to generate more quilts, and of course, not everyone has the energy or ability to create a full quilt .

This would be an opportunity for members to participate in a small way, to encourage them to take part, to improve skills, and challenge them to do something that they maybe hadn’t tried before.

 I was nominated to receive October’s blocks which were Churn Dash blocks made in blues and greys. I would be making them up into quilt tops of fifteen blocks with sashing and borders.

Churn Dash Block

A few days into October and the post started to arrive….exciting!

As the October days passed I got to know the postie very well as he delivered handfuls of parcels for me….Christmas had come early!

I soon got into the swing of keeping a record of all the deliveries and ticked off names of the participants..just for the record. They were all thanked on the Facebook feed to acknowledge their safe arrival. Sadly we had a couple go missing in the post but that member very kindly sent some more.

This is the very first one and it is stunning!

Number 1

The next top turned out great too.

Number 2

Numbers 3 4 and 5 are beautiful.

Number 3


Number 5

Some arrived with lovely little notes of gratitude and some special little gifts…perks of the job!


This sweet little heart made me smile.


More and more started pouring in, this was going exceptionally well, numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10 soon took form.

Number 6

Number 7



Number 8












Number 9



Number 10



















These cactus blocks were sent with some blocks, so they were incorporated in top number 11.




Number 11

Numbers 12,13,14 and 15 are looking beautiful also.


Number 12






Number 13

Number  14

Number 15

One sewing group sent me 53 blocks! This one is stunning made with Moda Regency collection.


Number 16

Another member sent some beautiful blocks in the same fabrics and some cut outs for me to assemble as her machine decided not to play! Stunning!

Number 18

As the end of the month approached numbers 19, 20 and finally 21 were finished.

Number 19

Number  20

Number 21

315 Churn Dash Blocks…21 tops…..My job was done.

They were packed up and will be duly sent to the long arm quilters to perform their magic!


The block drive is ongoing into next year with a different block to try each month.If you feel like joining in please click this link….


It’s fun and you will be helping to give a hug to Care leavers.    A great big thank you to everyone who sent in their blocks, and I really hope you all join in next year too.