Rotary cutters are a very versatile piece of equipment and suit both left and right handed people.  My son is left handed and I know in some circumstances, you can adapt to doing things the right handed way.  Sometimes you can’t.  We have one pair of scissors that just don’t work for him. Wherever possible, right from when he was little, I made sure, where possible, we had things that would work for his way  of doing things too.

During a conversation a couple of weeks ago in a sewing group, there was a lady that just couldn’t get on with rotary cutters and it was all because she was left handed.  When it came to cutting, she couldn’t see where the cutting line was.  There was a simple solution and she wasn’t aware of it.  Are you? Did you know your rotary cutter can be setup for left and right handed use?  Hopefully, this short video will help.