Our life in Spain is just what we thought it would be – lots of food and drink in the local Bars and Restaurants.  We especially enjoy having breakfast at our local Bar with a couple of coffees and tostada con tomate (toast with tomato).    Here in rural Spain, near Granada, the Bars serve their coffee in glasses and not cups and, as I like my coffee hot, hot, hot…..the glasses are too hot to handle.  This calls for a Coffee Cup Cosy!  This is how I made mine.  They can be adapted so they fit through the handle if you use a Mug, so you can cuddle your cuppa!!!

I use 100% cotton fabric for the cover, wadding or felt for the inner layer, and about 2 inch strip of Velcro for holding it together.  You will need to measure your cup/mug/glass and add an extra  2 inches for overlapping, mine measures 10 inches and I used a piece of Jelly Roll.  The width needs to be at least 2.5 inches.


Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of Wadding/Felt to match.  Place the two pieces of fabric, right sides together, and then one piece of wadding/felt to one side.  

The wadding needs to be slightly shorter than the fabric.  Make a layer with the fabric and wadding/felt and sew around three sides….2 long and 1 short sides.  Then turn inside out so that the wadding/felt is in the middle of the fabric…. as picture.  Turn in the open end and sew across.

Sew along the length in rows to make the Cosy stiffer.  Then sew the Toothed part of the Velcro on one side towards the end of the strip and the Fluffy side on the other side of the strip so that when you wrap it round the mug, it sticks together and holds tightly in place.

When not in use make sure the Velcro strips are together so they stay clean and lint free.  The Cosy folds flat and can be kept handy in your handbag or pocket.  Enjoy your hot drink without scalding your fingers.

Hope this is a helpful piece of kit – I use mine daily.This is what the Cosy looks like on the coffee glass.