The magical world of CIRCUS turns every child‘s room into a dazzling big top for small princesses, courageous beasts of prey, talented gymnasts and skilled jugglers. Hearts beat faster at the thought of a ride on the giant elephant and eyes light up at the sight of performing artists. Imagine a wonderful quilt for a youngster’s big bed, or an exciting floor quilt for them to play with their own imagination    Its perfect for making sheets, curtains and pillows as well as fanciful backpacks and soft balls for juggling so theme the whole room around the range. Whether you choose mice wearing tutus, elephants on parade, seals in striped jumpers or bears on bikes, they all embody the irrepressible energy and joie de vivre of the circus.

This wonderful range will be in the shops from early March 18.

Available in soft pastel shades of pink, blue and beige, there are 18 designs available by the metre, 145cm wide as well as a beautifully coordinated selection of ribbons and buttons in colours to mix and match. RRP from £18.90 per metre.

The new Pure Colours Collection provides 18 plain fabrics designed to coordinate and compliment all the Ring a Roses designs including Circus.

It is 100%cotton and 145cm wide, RRP from £13.20 per metre

If you are looking for something to do then we have some pretty patterns using these fabrics in our free download section for you to use.  Help yourselves.