Spring is in the air!

Well, you would’t think so when you feel the cold outside, but anyways.

We see a lot of patchwork jackets around and perhaps you would like to try your hand at making one yourself ? Let’s have a look at some jackets.

Jacket by Carolyn Johnson

Jacket by Dior
Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger
Jacket by Marijke van Welzen

The first thing you need to find is a appropriate pattern to make a patchwork jacket ( or any other piece of clothing).

The most versatile patterns would be the ones that have few seams

Or you could choose to only use patchwork on part of the jacket.

Here are some possibilities:


You can take a look at patterns here:


But you might be able to find them in a shop near you or even here on UKQU.

A good idea is to test your pattern first. Choose a simple cotton fabric and make one from that. You can tweak the pattern to your liking, like longer or shorter, a bit larger or smaller. Make sure to make the changes to your paper pattern, so it will exactly turn out the way you want it.

A patchwork jacket can be 1, 2 or 3 layers. I recommend 3 layers for a quilted jacket for the best effect.

The thickness of the middle layer can be from thin to thicker.

A thin layer would be muslin, thin dressmakers interfacing, or thin quilter’s batting.

When you choose a medium size quilter’s batting you need to make the jacket one size larger, because of the volume.

This will be a series of blogs, so stay tuned!

Coming up: Colour choices, possible techniques, the process of making, finishing touches.