Many of you have probably come across me in our various Facebook groups and others may have taken part in some of the mini or block swaps I have organised throughout the years, both in UKQU but also on Instagram. On social media, I post as BossyOz (including e.g. web, Instagram, Pinterest), a name which was created when my oldest was younger, and, well, very bossy. Since then another two little ones have come along, each a bit more bossy than the previous, lol.

I love all types of crafting, but especially quilting and sewing useful things for the family and to give away as gifts, or for charity. I live with my family in central London, where I also work full time. After a day of hectic work followed by spending some quality time with my family in the evenings, I use crafting to relax and to keep all parts of my brain active.

Three mini quilts I’ve made for swaps

How it all started

As I child I remember Mamma sew and mend our clothes and she taught me how to sew, knit and crochet at an early age. Before embarking on quilting, I made clothes for myself and the family, including my wedding dress, but that is another story.

I’ve never really had any patience for embroidery, but I find that creating FPP patterns stimulates both my mathematical mind and creative side. You may have come across the FPP pattern for our UKQU logo (two sizes available) or the pattern for an egg shaped block (FPP), both of which are available in my shop together with a few other goodies.

Looking for inspiration and a challenge


Paola Zanda, Festival of Quilts 2017

I look at things around me and get inspired by them. I also get lots of ideas from Instagram and Pinterest. 

The quilt by Paola Zanda was entered in the Modern category at Festival of Quilts last year (2017). It really caught my eye and made me intrigued. As a result I tried curved piecing, insert circles and improved, all combined for the first time. I even attended an evening class with Jenny Haynes; my first ever quilting class (excluding a few short ones at shows).

My engineering and mathematical mind is really helpful when trying to figure out complex patterns. Personally, I don’t enjoy following patterns, especially not those with 30 identical blocks made into a quilt. On the rare occasion that I do start off with a pattern, I usually make adjustments along the way.

Giving something back to the community

I am keen to support charities with my skills and my time, rather than donating money. Every year I make Scandinavian inspired crafts which I donate to a Christmas fair in London. My most popular items are kitchen towels and dribble bibs, both with Dalahorses on (templates are available to download for free in my shop). I am also an angel block maker for Siblings Together which means I step in when one of the other bee members are too busy, or when some extra blocks are needed.

Would I ever take commissions?

No, is the simple answer. As I mentioned above, crafting is my escape, my way of relaxing, my recipe for keeping sane. I only make things that I like making and at times that suit me. Many of the reasons mentioned by Corrine in her blog post (here) ring true with me too. Instead, I am setting myself the challenge to try new techniques. This year I am planning to try art quilts, but please don’t hold me to it, but do keep an eye out as if I do, you may find a blog post about it later on.

Thanks for reading.
/ Nina