The AQC is not a quilt show from one particular state or territory in Australia. Rather it showcases the best of each state and territory show. Australia has 6 states and two territories, and for those who aren’t sure what this translates as, here is a brief synopsis: Queensland (north east), Brisbane is the state capital and is a bit like an overgrown town; New South Wales (NSW) is on the east coast between Queensland and Victoria with Sydney as its capital. Sydneysiders love the harbour the beaches and the nightlife. Victoria is south east with its capital city Melbourne. Melbourne has awful weather but great coffee culture. The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) is in NSW but is the home of the federal government. Its main claims to fame are politicians and roundabouts. South Australia is the bottom half of the middle of Australia, its capital, Adelaide is on the south coast and the surrounding area is a good wine growing region. To the north is the Northern Territory which extends from Alice to Darwin. Western Australia takes up the whole of the western side of the country. Perth is in the south, but it will take you about 4 days drive to get from there to the north of the state. Tasmania is the island below Victoria with Hobart as its capital, known for scenery and great cheese. I hope you are feeling well oriented as we dash through the states and territories.

This quilt is entitled ‘Iggy’ and is by Bronwyn Hill from the ACT. She used raw edge applique with a lot of beautiful fmq and inktense pencils. Look below for some of the fabulous details.

Iggy by Bronwyn Hill

The next quilt is also applique but this time bias applique and circles. The quilting on this piece is stunning and the bias applique so beautifully smooth. It is called ‘deconstructed doilies’ by Katherine Jones from Tasmania. The close ups (below) are just stunning.

Deconstructed Doilies by Katherine Jones

The third quilt is from Queensland and is a portrait of Obama done with Just black dots. It is by Nicholas Wilson.

Obama by Nicholas Wilson

Please see the next blog post for more quilts. There is only so many photos I can put in one post.