I don’t know about you, but I hate throwing anything away in my sewing room. Snippets of thread, yarn, and fabric must have a useful purpose, but what do you do with them? Do you have uses for them, or do you find it easy to let go?

For several years now, I have a system. Next to my sewing table, I have an old pillowcase. In it goes all my snippets of thread, yarn from my knitting and crochet and trimmings from my quilts. It’s surprising how much a pillowcase can hold so anytime from getting to half full, I’m thinking of using it up.

Now, we have a dog and he comes to work with me every day. He goes into the kennels where he gets spoiled by the students. The kennels are outdoors so I regularly rotate his beds and each one is made by me and that’s where my scraps come in.

Searching through my fabric, I came across some thick upholstery fabric leftover from making some cushion covers for a settee. It was a long strip so I cut it in half and, using the overlocker, sewed the two pieces together to make a square. This I paired up with some jersey fabric that was gifted to me and very quickly sewed three sides together. I turned it the right way, emptied my pillowcase of scraps into it and then overlocked the final side closed. Finley isn’t fussy about how his pillows are finished, so something simple and quick is fine by him.

As soon as it’s finished and on the floor, he makes himself at home. Now he has a new bed for college which will last him until the end of term. He’s happy and I’m happy that even the tiniest of my scraps can have a useful purpose.

What do you do with your scraps?