Let’s talk about colour.

When I was little it was not done to combine red and green. Do you remember things like that?

Jacket by Oscar de la Renta

You probably have your favourite colours. Of course you can use whatever you like and forget about colour completely and make a scrap jacket filled with every color and type of fabric that may be in your leftover bin.

For those who are interested in colour combinations let’s look at some colour theory first.

A trusted way of choosing colours is to choose fabrics in one colour from the colour wheel and add fabrics in colours that lie next to your chosen colour, for instance when you choose violet red add more fabric in red and violet .

Jacket by Marijke van Welzen

One of my favourite websites for colour inspiration is Design Seeds


There are many more ways to make use of the colour wheel to choose your colours in this example green , yellow and blue.

Another commonly used colour scheme is to choose one colour and use every shade of it you can find.

Another good way is to make use of contrasts

You don’t need the same amount of each colour , you can mix them up and make sure they are repeated in your piece.

If you would like to read more, here are some interesting websites :