The cross stitched name through the middle of this cushion I made many years ago for my youngest daughter, who at the time lived at home and the plan was to have it framed, trying to work it out it has to be 15 or more years. Alas the framing plan didn’t materialise and she had it stuck on her bedroom wall for many years using a piece of gummy plastic in each corner. She left home at 18 and it was around this time it was given back to me to finish!!


I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought this fabric bundle from but the colours and patterns fitted perfectly, not only with the stitching but for my daughters taste too. I managed to use up all the fabric by piecing the back and adding the zip thereby making it fully washable and adding the prairie points finished the whole thing off.

Roll forward and she is now 30, married and with two children of her own. Not only do I love how it’s turned out but she does too, I’ve still got it, it’s waiting here until the move to their new house has taken place, with fingers crossed by all for the middle of April.

This New Year Resolution of mine to finish UFO’s is working with the 3rd month of this year project already pulled from the list.


By the way and if unsure, my youngest daughters name is Courtney!!