Isn’t it funny how things sometimes cross your path at exactly the right moment? I was just thinking that I need to replace the blade on my 45mm Olfa rotary cutter, when this little gem came into my possession.

It’s important to note that the Colonial Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener cannot work miracles on blades with nicks out of them, but it claims to sharpen dull rotary blades. Well, let’s see shall we?

The first thing I noticed was how clear the instruction were, with both words and pictures.

I unscrewed the two sides of the blade holder. Although I’m not generally a lover of plastic things, this is a sturdy, well manufactured piece of kit.

The blade fits perfectly and self-centres as you tighten the screw, alleviating the need (or risk) or touching it unnecessarily.  The handles on each side make the tightening easy.  You can see from the photo below that they are quite substantial.

Using the sharpener is simplicity itself. You start with the course grinding surface. Just wet the grinding surface with a damp finger, insert the blade and twist 10-20 times in one direction. Turn over and repeat with the other side of the blade. Then swap to the fine grinding surface and repeat the twisting action on both sides.

Just look at what came off of my blade! I am astonished at how this simple piece of equipment has rejuvenated a blade that I would ordinarily have thrown away. It is literally ‘like new’.

The instructions say that a blade can be sharpened more than once and I will definitely be sharpening before I replace in the future.

A quick Google search has revealed the RRP of the Colonial Dual Rotary Blade Sharpener to be between £15 and £20 – but with a pack of 5x 45mm Olfa replacement blades being around the same price, this blade sharpener is worth its weight in gold.

Even working on just 2x sharpenings per blade you are tripling the life of each blade. Over time, it’s a massive saving.  I shall be keeping this wonder-tool close at hand. Thank you EQS!