Patchwork Jacket Technique I – Piecing

There are many different ways to make a patchwork jacket.

I’ll talk about Piecing first.

Jacket by Marijke van Welzen

You can hand piece, e.g. hexagons or machine piece any kind of blocks.

You can do whatever you prefer.

Make sure your pattern fits as desired. Piece enough blocks so that you can cut out your separate pattern pieces.

Cut out the pieces with a large seam. If you want to be able to wash your jacket, now is a good time to wash the pieces. Put the lining fabric in the laundry as well.

I use a short program on my washing machine ( I hate washing by hand ).

Here you can find inspiration for quilt blocks.

and some examples of blocks that are suitable:

Colleen Joy Eagle
Barbara Lueth
Heidi Leonard
Lisa Sharma
Sara Poultney

Take a look at the jackets in earlier blogs for inspiration as well.

You can make your entire jacket of the same blocks or combine with larger pieces of fabric.

Jacket by Marijke van Welzen

For my jacket I used different sizes of blocks, because I wanted to combine parts of an old silk skirt, scraps of fancy fabric and ribbons. The materials are silk and polyester.

Notice that the yoke and part of the sleeves are not made of pieced blocks.

I chose not to use any batting in this light jacket.

Marijke van Welzen

Here you can see that I used my serger to first finish all my blocks before piecing. You could also use a finishing stitch on your sewing machine.

After cutting out the pattern pieces I just sewed my jacket together as I would a jacket from any other fabric.

If you want to add batting you don’t have to finish the seams.

Make a quilt sandwich for each pattern piece, top, batting and a lining, quilt as desired.

Then stitch together. You will have to finish the seams by zig-zagging or using a serger. This is the easy way. If you are a skilled dressmaker, you can quilt without backing and add a lining after stitching your jacket together.

Marijke van Welzen

I used satin ribbon to finish the seams.

Stay tuned! Next time Crazy Quilting