We asked Philip Jacobs, part of the Kaffe Fasset Collective for his comments about the new range he has designed for his Snow Leopard Designs and that will be in the shops soon.  Here’s what he says.

Arcadia” is my new collection for my brand “Snow Leopard Designs” for FreeSpirit fabrics. It is previewing at the Spring Quilt Market in Portland and is now available for pre-order by stores. Arcadia” is an ancient Greek word that refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. In this new collection I have tried to recreate this same vision of pastoral harmony and as a chance to escape from the complexities of modern life and back into a simpler way of being..

I have based the designs on images of great beauty that I have seen in my daily life while working down at my seaside studio above Chesil Beach in Dorset.

“Farmyard Feathers” was inspired by some feathers that I picked up at a local West Dorset farm while collecting my weekly supplies and I was so amazed at their beauty that I wanted to turn them into a design. So I took them back to my studio and started arranging them on a sheet of paper.

“Carp and Petals” was inspired by seeing beautiful fish swimming in a pond under the floating blossoms scattered by the spring wind, blowing down from the hills. I love the sense of depth and movement that the different layers bring.   


“Ammonites” is inspired by the many fossilised 170 million year old ammonite shells that I have collected during my dinosaur bone hunting expeditions along the Jurassic coastline of Dorset. I normally set off with my rucksack along the beach looking for the fossilised bones of ancient marine reptiles and dinosaurs but then I also find these beautiful ammonites that shared the Jurassic seas with the giant Pliosaurs and Ichthyosaurs, and arranging them in repetition the design is already made.


“Egg Shells” and “Shell Stripe” were both inspired by the many objects that I pick up on my way down to the beach for my swim in the sea. I love collecting objects of beauty and seeing beauty in everyday items and then arranging them in a pattern. Then the design again creates itself before my very eyes. There is so much texture and pattern within these natural forms, it is hard to ever run short of inspiration when you are out in nature.

“Violas” was inspired by some lovely old antique lithographs that I have in my archive that date from the early 1900s. I just love the way that they tumble over each other in a profusion of colour, shape and texture. Then “Snow Leopard” is taken from a small mid 19th century leopard spot chintz in my archive that I think works so well as a “filler” and a foil to the larger patterns in this group.

There is so much beauty around us if we try to look with an artists eyes. I hope this new collection will help bring that same beauty into your projects and homes.

Talk to your local stockist for detail when the Arcadia Range arrives, but watch out here on UKQU for some exciting announcements about this and other Freespirit ranges in the near future.   If we want to see Philip Jacob’s Designs and much, much more on our LQS shelves this summer then they need to know we do!

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