Let’s talk bobbins….unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all, so here’s the most common ones used along with a few odd ones at the end!

                   One of the most common used. For front loading machines like Janome, Brother and Toyota.

                           Metal bobbin for SInger 15k, Jones 300 series and Frister and Rossman.


                                                           Singer Capri 300 and 500 series.

                                                 Singer 66K, 99K, 201K and other top loaders.


                                                               Bernina and Riccar models.

                                                     Bernina and Riccar Rotary shuttle models.

                                                          Some Brother Super Ace 2 models.

                                                            Singer 221K and 222K models.

                                                                  Brother Industrial 755.

                                                                              Pfaff 463.

                                                                           Pfaff Dorina.

                                                                   Singer Touch and Sew.

                                                                Viking Husqvarna models.

Like Mummy and Baby bobbins! The one on the left is for a Juki LU563 Walking Foot Machine and the baby one is for a Patcher machine, Singer 29K.

                                               This giant is for a Singer Industrial 7- and Seiko 27B.

So endeth the bobbin chat! It’s not cast in stone the exact models stated as they can also fit others, I have just listed the majority of.

If there’s anything else you’d like me to cover, (I’m running out of ideas) please let me know

A few people have asked if I’d do a tutorial or blog type thing on servicing a machine. After much thought, I’ve decided against it for a few reasons, mainly, I like my job too much to share my knowledge! Seriously, there are too many machines for me to even begin on, no two are the same (unless you all have the same one of course!) therefore it would be wrong of me to comment on a basics, because, technically there are no basics I could tell you, other than what your manual would say. Especially now with the new machines that are supposedly oil free. Less is more here, every machine at some stage will need a little bit of oil regardless but that’s my opinion, take it or leave it! I am, however, more than happy to help anyone if they want to message me privately via facebook with their exact make and model number



  1. Sue Burford

    Mandi, I found the above very interested and have a question – i have an old Newhome machine which used metal bobbins. I now use a Singer 4432 and a Quilters Special 404. Both the new machines use plastic bobbins. Would it be ok to use the metal bobbins in the new machines? I have lots of them already with thread on. Or should I use the threads for basting and put the bobbins away. My old Newhome is not used as it is about 45 years old and now ‘clonks’ – hence the new machines. Hope you can help – Thanks

    1. Mandi Post author

      New machines should only have plastic bobbins because of the magnetism of the bobbin holder and would cause too much friction. Can you get your new home serviced? Lovely machines and well built. Unless a gears gone, should last another 45 years!

      1. Sue Burford

        I have loved it from the first sew. Unfortunately, I live in Spain and threy don’t seem to know about Newhome here (in the repair shops I have been to) It hasn’t been professionally serviced but it is very clean and has been oiled – not sure what the clunking is? Might bring it over to UK with me in Sept and see if I can get someone to look at it then. The only other thing is that the paint along the bottom of the case has gone a bit – it stood in a puddle of cat pee!!!! YUK I know…. before I realised 😉

      2. Mandi Post author

        Oh shame, but if you’re ever over near east London, I’d be more than happy to try and get it back to its former glory!