Took delivery of a Juki HZL-DL5 today for a customer that wants to try it out, of course I had to see if it works correctly before she comes to play with it herself! Seriously though, if we get a new machine in, we always sew test it first just in case plus it gives me chance to make sure I know what I’m talking about if there’s any questions. As much as I can fix/service them, doesn’t actually mean I know all of it’s features, so it’s a great opportunity for me to try. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

A very small selection of the lovely stitches it does, I’ll go into more detail about how many stitches there are a bit further along.

Even has a small sewing machine and cotton reel pattern!

The top lid flips up to reveal all the patterns and combinations.

Very clear touch and easy to read panel, even has a built in help feature.

Now onto the tech stuff  with information courtesy of Juki America.

Fully computerised machine that makes sewing heavy, high pile and very thin fabrics easy. It also features beautiful stitch patterns and alphabets, free motion sewing and a floating foot.

Presser Foot Pivot Function: Sew corners or pivot with ease, when you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position and the presser foot automatically lifts to allow for fabric movements. see attached video.

Free Motion: Enjoy both straight stitch and zig zag by just flipping the switch and dropping your feed dogs. Adjust the presser foot height for easy movement. Straight Stitch Slide Plate: Simply slide the front lever to switch to a single needle hole. The single needle plate will not allow fabrics to be pushed into the needle hole. Ready to free motion stitch with precision and perfection!

Automatic Thread Trimming: With the push of a button or the click of a heel, you can now automatically trim thread.

Buttonhole Sensor System: With Juki’s combination of industrial and modern technology, this system automatically measures and evenly sews on both the right and left sides to create beautiful buttonholes.

Adjustable Starting and Reverse Stitch Speed: Adjust the stitch speed by selecting fast, normal, or slow.

Lock Stitch: Choose between two kinds of “Reverse Stitch” and “Lock Stitch” at the start and end of sewing. If you press the “Lock Stitch” button in the middle of the sewing pattern, the machine stops sewing one cycle of the pattern.

This machine boasts 287 stitch patterns, 16 types of buttonhole designs. 4 alphabetic and numeric fonts.

Speed 1050 spm, Max zig zag width is 7mm and max stitch length 5mm, The machine weighs in at 216lbs.

Accessories included:

Standard Presser Foot, Zipper Presser Foot, Overcasting Presser Foot, Blind Stitch Presser Foot, Buttonhole Presser Foot, Manual Buttonhole, Quilt Guide, Walking Foot, Patchwork Presser Foot,  Quilt Presser Foot, Hard case, Knee lifting lever, Foot controller, Bobbins, Needle Set, Twin Needle, Auxiliary Spool, T-Shape Screwdriver, Seam Ripper, Cleaning Brush, Spool Cap, Power Cord, Instruction Manual, Operations Support DVD.

There are also numerous optional extras available too, including an extension table.


Juki HZL-DX5

Did I mention it can sew through up to 13 layers of denim!  The sewing space is 309mm, 203mm to the right of the needle and 112mm high.

Anyway, seeing is believing and using is even better!

Thanks for stopping by, Mandi