With hand embroidery so on-trend, the Embroidery Stitching Tool from Clover enables you to sew as quickly and easily as drawing a picture.

It can be used to create satin, loop and back stitch so you can personalise projects in an instant, giving a handmade, individual finish to home and fashion accessories. The kit includes Stitching Tool, one 3-ply needle and one needle threader.

Trace and transfer your chosen design onto fabric then place in an embroidery hoop and simply use the tool to sew along the lines with satin or back stitch. You can fill in the outlines with the loop stitch which provides added dimension to the finished work. You can either leave the loops as they are for a lovely textural surface or cut them open to give a soft, smooth velvety effect. This clever tool opens up a whole range of lovely project possibilities!

Clover products are available nationwide from all good craft, sewing and hobby shops, including hoops and much more.

Visit their website www.clover.mfg.com for more information, for stockist information, contact Clover mail: [email protected] or ask at your local quilting shop .. you can find those nearest to you in our Online Directory.