Having taken part in all three previous swaps I think the waiting for your partners details it a very long nerve wracking wait, there is no possible way of forward planning as I will have no idea of their likes and dislikes.

Up pops the email with my swapee’s likes, dislikes, all listed for me to get a general idea (hopefully) of what I could create. What jumps out at me on that first reading was cats and green, my worst nightmare, not liking either and unable to tell you which I don’t like the most out of the two!

My family think I have issues with the colour green in that it’s that bad an aversion, if I was to win a green car I wouldn’t accept it (or I’d sell it the minute I received it)! Green for other people as in seeing them working with it, wearing it or having a green chair does not affect me, but try to give me a green mug with my coffee then I just cannot drink that coffee!!

Cats, oh my, cats stare at me as if they know exactly what I’m thinking or doing, this just freaks me out, on top of this they make my eyes itch too. I can usually tell if there is a cat in the house I’m visiting as my eyes itch long before I see the cat and you can guarantee the minute a cat appears it’ll jump up on my lap! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Back to the mini and unable to focus on anything else I have decided it would have a cat theme and I would use her favourite colours green, blue and purple. I can cope with the blue and purple as my favourite colour is blue, I just need to decide on the overall pattern. After looking up the designers that were listed as ‘likes’ on the information sheet I decided to go modern in my make, this is also new to me as I’m very traditional in my likes, although this is slowly changing with some of the modern beauties that are being produced, I think I could live with a modern mini quilt (in blues of course).

Pattern decided on fairly quickly once my decision of theme and colours were clear. I had seen this type of thing made using flowers so decided to swap flowers for cats and just work out the sizing to fit the brief. I had a lot of the solid colours in my stash but had to go out and purchase the greens! I then worked on what was best for the cat silhouette originally thinking of cats in various poses but ended up with just the head design, simple but hopefully effective.

Once all pieces were cut out and eventually pieced I wanted to hand applique and quilt the mini, this was all going fine until personal circumstances took over and I struggled to work on the mini. I advised my swap mama of my situation just in case I was unable to reach the deadline, fortunately I managed to complete albeit with less hand quilting than I had planned. Very disappointed that I didn’t have the time to put into making a gift, as in previous swaps I’ve made something personal for inclusion, therefore a small gift was purchased and added to the parcel.

A quick mention of the previous 3 in that very worried on the first one with real wobble going on in my head as to the recipient not liking, therefore my decision was to make a mini whole cloth, Christmas themed as least hoping it would be brought out and displayed once a year! Number 2 was a batik lover, big, bright and bold, here in my element in designing the quilt to incorporate all that was liked. Number 3, what a breeze the same recipient as number 2 and knowing they lived near the sea and the liking of batiks I did a scene of the local beach and lighthouse of the beach on my doorstep.

Will I do this again………………ummm………………….ummm………………YES!

Anyone who has just watched all this from afar on their screens and have considered this, my advice to you is to go for it and just let the creating juices flow. The expertise of the final make has no bearing on the actual gift made especially for you, the sheer pleasure of receiving and giving has to be experienced to understand. Take the plunge, do it!


  1. Karen Fox

    A lovely piece Sharon .
    You definately had a hard time while doing this quilt. I know that you would have liked to have done more to your quilt swap but life often gets in the way of the things we love doing.
    You have given me loads of help ,advice and encouragement over the last 2 years which i really appreciate.
    People should know just how talented you are. You have such a creative mind and always ready to guide (as you put it) anyone or anything. You only need 3 details and within seconds you have an idea to share. You give your time to everyone and i really dont know how you manage to do ,all that you do do.
    On top of all that you are a fantastic friend to have… much love sent your way .

    1. Sharon Reid Post author

      Thank you, I loved receiving it and also your secret pm with your notes about me you had written!!! Good job this is a nice type of being stalked!! When I read your card it made me love the quilt all the more. You too with the other 3 ladies captured my likes and dislikes so well. ps: I forgive the little bit of green. xx And thank you for reading my blog.