Due to contractual restrictions imposed  in the US we have been asked to remove the explanation provided by the ladies creating this Quilt.   We would like to point out this quilt was created as a Community Quilt from quilters who support Freespirit and Philip Jacobs patterns from around the world.    It would be a pity not to share the wonderful quilt that was made for him so we are still showing you the pictures that Philip took himself.  Apologies to all who would like to enjoy this story.  We don’t aim to be controversial in anyway by doing this but it would be strange to have a post there one day and gone the next when there has been so much interest.

In a nutshell, the ladies who follow Philip Jacobs designs decided he ought to have his own quilt made from his own fabric designs .. so they all got together and made one!   Here’s the pictures.




Philip Jacobs, somewhere on a beach in the South of England, with his Quilt sporting his Snow Leopard Fabric Design logo tee-shirt

I think it’s really remarkable how a worldwide group of quilters came together to piece together a gorgeous quilt for Philip Jacobs. The quilt has over 1 million stitches of love sewn into it. Philip has provided the quilt industry with the most gorgeous fabrics over the years and he’s so positive online about what they do with them.

To discover more about this wonderful effort you could ask to join Philip Jacobs Designs whose members created the wonderful Quilt for Philip Jacobs, Fabric Designer for the Kaffe Fasett Collective and FreeSpirit Fabrics.