Every now and then we all find ourselves in the middle of a project and realise that there might not be enough fabric to get to the finish line. That one specific fabric, or maybe one small piece to fussy cut and you search and search but struggle to find it. Well there may be some help at hand.

Over the past few years the hashtag #getyourquiltywishesgranted has been used on Instagram to get fabric addicts like myself swapping and sharing their stash. Back in November 2016 I took part in the second run of this fabric frenzy. It’s so easy to get involved! You can simply ask for whatever you would like and then by following the hashtag you can see what others are looking for and grant any wishes that you can! At the time I was desperate to get my hands on some fabric from Karen Lewis Blueberry Park collection so I posted that as my wish and in return I posted a picture of some fabrics I had to spare and invited people to say if they could use them. I managed to grant a few wishes and sent parcels out across the world – the US, Australia and Europe and I was lucky to receive fabrics from far and wide too!

Wishes being granted!

Its lovely to see quilty friends being made and sharing our much loved fabrics. Do you have a specific fabric you’d love to find a bit more of? Or do you need just an odd fat quarter in another colour to help you complete a quilt you are working on? I’m going to have a search and see if I can grant a couple of wishes,  and I’d love to get my hands on some Tasha Noel or some Christmas fabrics for my stocking projects with the GT Quilters. Head over to instagram and search for #getyourquiltywishesgrantedsummeredition or #getyourquiltywishesgrantedsummereditionuk (for UK only posts to help limit postage costs) and get involved! You can check out some of the UK posts here.

Don’t forget, you can keep up with all the goings on at Uk Quilters United over on our Instagram page which you can find here!