Whilst making the circles for my Sample Block Quilt – I was having trouble needle turning the edge of my central circles.

I was trawling through the ‘net’ and came across this suggestion.  I thought it was clever – what do you think??

Using a piece of kitchen foil about 1inch bigger in diameter than your circle, place the foil shiny side down. Place your circle of fabric (face down) in the centre if the foil and then put your cardboard ‘circle’ in the middle of the fabric, so…

Holding down the cardboard, carefully pull up the foil all round the circle and scrunch up the excess foil.

Turn over the foil ‘sandwich’ and iron well with a hot iron.

Carefully remove the foil (it is HOT!) and the cardboard. You are left with a circle whose edge is standing up…

Carefully iron the edge so it lays flat, now you are ready to applique the circle to the backing. You can use this tip on most shapes, circles, elipses etc.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading