If you’re already familiar with Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel you will probably be in love with her already. I’ve only just begun to get to get to know Luna, I made my first one just a couple of weeks ago. And as soon as she was finished I simply had to make a tiny picnic blanket for her, so she could enjoy the good weather. Sarah’s book is full of lovely patterns for beautiful rabbit clothes, but my top priority was something of a quilty nature.

Here she is, helping me choose some scraps from the magic scrap bag  – magic because it never empties, of course.

As is so often the case, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve, but I knew I wanted to try doing a postage stamp quilt by using the interfacing method, and I also knew that one-inch squares would be the right scale for Luna. So the scraps needed to be cut into 1.5″ squares:

And I wanted to achieve a chessboard effect, so I needed half plains and half patterns. Next, I drew a grid of 1.5″ squares onto the thinnest, most flexible, iron-on interlining that I had.

And arranged my scrappy squares:

I hadn’t tried this technique before and therefore I made a couple of errors. Firstly, I wasn’t as accurate with cutting or placing as I usually am. That was because I erroneously believed the technique might be a bit forgiving on the seams, duh! And secondly, I arranged the squares on the interfacing on top of my cutting mat, instead of on top of a surface which I could have pressed with the iron. Another duh!……..

Having picked up all the squares from the floor, where they flew when I tried to shimmy shammy them across to the ironing board, I rearranged the squares and pressed them into place.

And then it was time to start sewing; each folded edge to be a scant 1/4″:

Having done the horizontals, alternating direction each time, I cut the seams open with a small pair of sharp scissors. This was much easier than expected:

And once the seams were neatly pressed open it looked like this:

Looking at this photograph now I can see how very inaccurate the initial cutting and pressing was. In fact, I realised at the time, but I thought that if I carried on regardless then it might be alright in the end. It’s sometimes a dangerous philosophy in life, or on a big, expensive, technical textile piece; but really, what does it matter if a little bit of quilty fun turns out less than perfect?!

So, now I started sewing the perpendicular seams:

Again, I cut open the new seams and pressed them open as I went along:

And now I had to start a bit a jiggery-pokery; measuring, and easing, and messing around to make sure I saved the whole thing from the jaws of defeat:

Easy to see here that some of the squares are far from square. But the corners were going ok:

A bit more measuring, now that it was too late:

Now seems like a good time to remind you that I have never claimed to be an expert! I’m not even very experienced, I’m just an enthusiastic amateur, and I hardly ever get chance to relax and do some sewing, therefore I like to enjoy it and I don’t get too hung up about being perfect. I enjoy the process and I enjoy the result. Sometimes I’m more careful and sometimes I’m more slipshod; it is meant to be fun you know.

Finally, it’s time to get some help on this. Luna came to the rescue and pinned the quilt sandwich for me:

Believe me, I warned her about putting the pins in her mouth, but for someone with such lovely ears, she just doesn’t listen very well. Cloth ears!

Apply the quilty-magic and hey presto:

Obviously, the un-square squares lead to some little tweaks along the quilting lines, but Luna said she liked it.

And now to choose a suitable binding, without cutting into something I might need for something else:

We agreed on the bottom left and finished it together so Luna could make the most of the sunshine:

Luna loves it. And when she’s not using it then it’s just the right size for the top of a little stand I have in the hallway (what an amazing coincidence!)

Now she’s going to take a look through the book that gave birth to her and choose a dress for me to make. I’ve promised I’ll be a bit less sloppy with the cutting out this time, and she just smiled and told me not to get my knickers in a twist ………….     It must have been that gin!

PS. I have no affiliation with the author of this book, I’m just a fan.