Throughout my patchwork journey my tutor (neighbour) has taught me to press and nest seams. This has become ingrained into my brain and now I struggle to not press seams, I even have a small roller so if for some reason I have no access to an iron I can still press. This habit of mine has greatly amused my friend when we attend workshops.

At festival of quilts we attended a twilight ‘Twiddle away’ workshop. It was amazing Jennie Raymond is great, simple instructions but lots of humour. Durning this workshop we made cushions using calico which was folded, arranged and twisted or turned to make lovely patterns. The cushions were very effective, the workshop was great fun, lovely ladies always willing to help those of us who struggled with the Bernina sewing machines. There was lots of following instructions, tack pieces before sewing them in place. The pieces soon came together within an hour we had almost completed one of the cushions.

The lack of pressing made me think maybe I’m a bit quick to iron. We only pressed the item once all pieces were sewn on before we twiddled. My friend was fine with this, I was finger pressing everything much to her amusement.

Do I press too much? Has it become an obsession?

Much to my amazement my partner, who normally makes vague complimentary about my pieces liked these pieces that he insisted they stay with us on our bed!

Recently I have had some more twiddling pieces with a block of the month piece I’m doing. I considered not getting the iron out, this idea lasted ten minutes! My machine groaned at the seams but we managed in the end.