A technique I like to use is Crazy Quilting. I made several jackets in this technique. First I sort my scraps in the desired colours, see an earlier post in these series.

Start on a base of fusible interfacing cut roughly in the shape of the pattern piece you are working on.

Pin the scraps in place. Make sure to alternate colours. Make sure your scraps overlap a little bit , cut off undesired edges.


When you filled out your pattern piece, iron with a piece of baking parchment on top. I forgot about that here, you can see one of the pin heads melted a bit.

Most of your scraps will be fused so you can take out a lot of the pins.

Now you can stitch. There are different ways of doing this.

For instance choose a fantasy stitch on your sewing machine and stitch some lines, see picture.

You can also follow the edges of your scraps like this

And add a couple of extra stitching lines for fun.

Add lace, flowers, fmq or whatever you like to embellish further.

You can add solid fabric pieces to the sleeves or yoke.

Finally wash your pieces as you would like to wash your finished jacket, throw in the lining fabric as well.

Iron lightly and finish your jacket.




    1. Marijke Van Welzen Post author

      When you wash the separate pieces they might shrink a bit.
      You will have to cut off fraying edges, you might have to repair a hole here and there by just sewing a patch or a piece of lace etc. over it or adding more stitching.
      Then you pin your paper pattern pieces on and cut with the desired seam.
      You can add lining fabric now and stitch the sandwich together. Just to secure , about 2 inch apart, follow lines you already stitched. Zig-zag all edges or use an overlocker. Assemble the jacket.
      Or you can assemble the jacket , assemble the lining jacket and put together. ( for advanced sewers).
      Next time : Finishing of sleeve and seam edges.