– the making of a gift calendar for monster-loving kids or the Grinch of the family

Kids love monsters, but we probably all know someone who acts like a Grinch, scorning everything about Christmas, but still wanting to eat the chocolates and get the presents.  

As that could just about describe me, I decided to design a gift calendar with a grinch-like monster peering over the top of the tree laden with little bags that you can fill with chocolates or sweeties.  There are no numbered days in this calendar because we all know that green monster is going to open up those gifts whenever they feel like it, and no-one is going to be able to stop them.   Its a bit hard to tell the scale of this from the picture, but the finished measurements are approximately 21 inches high and 16.5 inches wide.


The construction of this calendar was designed to be quick and easy – the background is fabric glued over cardboard, and designed to fit the cardboard from the back of an A2 drawing pad.  This cardboard is nice and rigid, but if you had a big cardboard box I am sure you could use a flat piece of that too.  Only the velcro and the little gift bags are machine sewn.

The free pattern is now available in the IsleofQuilts shop at this link.  I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.