After my previous review of Guterman threads (see here), I was very happy to review this new pack, as I knew how much I like their threads.

As with the last thread set, I reviewed there were 10 threads in the pack, but this time it had a rather intriguing metal template!

When it arrived, not going to lie, I was a bit stumped as to what I would use the template in the pack for.

Nevertheless, after chatting on one of my favourite Facebook groups, one of my friends, Sue Commander, told me about a super quick coaster/ Mug rug she made.

Well, I thought… we have just launched a well-being room at work, for people to go grab 5 minutes “me” time when stressed or alike. (I know I work for a fantastic company to provide this I am very blessed!). What that room is missing is a nice coaster or two, to stop nasty watermarks on all the new furniture. The decor is all creams and greys, so I raided my neutral scrap box and started to make a couple.

I started with five 5″ squared pieces of fabric, and 2 peices of batting (wadding) the same size.

I finger pressed (too lazy to get iron out) the four top pieces in half lengthways. I then stacked the fabric, batting first, and then backing. Finally, I added the top pieces overlapping each other like a cardboard box lid.

After sewing round the edges, I took the Gutermann curved tool, marked each corner, and then stitched around the curve. After trimming, I then turned it right-side out.

Finally, I used a lovely Orange contrasing thread (from the set) to quilt shadow lines.

A very quick make and more importantly really showed the potential for this thread set. I am going to make a stack more for the next bake sale at work.

All in all a great product, and a handy notion I know I will use time and time again. I would highly recommend this set to any quilter or sewer alike. To get your hands on your own set, go to the following link for details

My sincerest thanks to Gutermann for the oppertunity to review not just one but two of thier products.