Now, I fell in love with these slightly wibbly cross blocks, and one thing led merrily to another, and another, and yet more anothers. Thanks to Heather Hasthorpe, who was instrumental in leading me astray

Here’s another another

Just compulsive…you have been warned

Start with a square of fabric – maybe an inch bigger than the trimmed size you need (so, for a 5-inch finished block, 6-1/2 inches) As you get better at these you can get a bit meaner, but we are still working on the its-much-easier-to-trim-than-make-it-the-right-size game… Add two strips about 1 to 1-1/4 inches wide in a goodly contrasty colour

Lay one strip on top of the square RIGHT SIDES UP and cut a gentle curve through both, like so

Discard the little sliver, and sew the right-hand piece to the right side of the square, right sides together.. Use a small stitch, as usual, and as consistent a seam as possible. Press nicely

Now, lay the other half of the background square on top of the pieced piece, and echo the curve with your cutter.

Sew together again, and press nicely.. As the contrast was so high on these blocks, I pressed to the black each time, but it’s not crucial which way.

Turn the block a quarter-turn and repeat..

Trim to size..

I like these best when the crosses are somewhat off-centre

As with all these Improv blocks, the trimming thing makes them ideal for multi-maker quilts

More ideas for these next time…