Hearts are an ever popular motif. It’s easy to cut out a template yourself in a variety of styles that you could use for applique or for quilting designs.

Watch this short video, or follow the instructions below:

Drawing a regular heart shape

  • Take a piece of paper a little larger than the desired motif, and fold it in half.
  • Starting at the bottom of the fold, cut out on a straight line at an angle towards the middle of the long edge
  • When nearly at the edge, start to curve round. Continue to cut in a curve, aiming to end a little way down the centre fold
  • Open out – and you should have a heart shape!
  • Different styles of heart can be made by changing the size and proportions of the initial piece of paper – experiment to see how this works.
  • Draw round part of a circle template, or use a pair of compasses if you find it difficult to cut a smooth curve. Cutting the first cut as a shallow concave curve rather than as a straight line will also affect the style.
  • Once you have the idea, you could try cutting a whole heart freehand, aiming this time for a slightly asymmetric “folk art” look. Don’t fold the paper first!

So easy – how could you incorporate hearts into your next project?