You’ve spent ages piecing your quilt top and the excitement mounts as all your blocks form into rows and then one big quilt top.  You stand back to admire your work and you can’t wait to move onto layering it up ready for quilting.  To get the full effect, you take your completed top to the ironing board to make sure that all the seams are lying flat and to remove the creasing caused by manipulating it through the machine.

As you press your top, you take the time to admire the points and seam matching and then…..horror as you realise the fabric has slipped and you have a hole in the seam.  What do you do now?  First of all, don’t panic, mistakes happen but the good thing is, they can be rectified.  This video shows the first stage of how I put right the problem of a hole in the seam.

The  video shows how I use decorative pins to mark the spot. Why? Because, once I pick up the quilt top and take it back to my sewing table, I can never find the hole.  It seems to just disappear and so much time can be wasted trying to find it again.  Using these large decorative pins make finding them so much easier.

Remember, if you are using pins in your project, it is vitally important to you keep a tally of the pins used. When you remove the pins, make another tally and make sure they both match. This way you are not going to leave a pin in by mistake, preventing nasty accidents.. There is nothing worse than snuggling up with a quilt to find you are getting stabbed by a forgotten pin.

Next time, I demonstrate how I go about fixing the hole.