All is not what it might seem today!   Check the date before you look any further!

Someone commenting on the foolish blogs posted today only might just win a lovely Riley Blake bag.   And no that’s no joke either!

Go look around our lovely website, and see what you can see.  In doing so you might learn a few things in hints or tips, or find a new pattern in the shop or the free download section.    Enjoy the stories in the blogs, or choose a new project to start — there are some fabulous BOM and Bags to choose from.

Whilst you are at it .. check out Aprils Quilt Competition in Competition corner as you have the next three weeks to get your entries posted.   And for the next three months click to enter the summer competition to win the second Janome M100 (we just gave the first one away today!].   You have to be in to win our competitions.

Can’t post a blog comment .. make sure you are logged into the website.  If you are not yet a member just click the icon in the top right corner of the site, and don’t worry we understand GDPR so will not be sharing your details to anyone, ever!