So today’s blog post is not the one I intended I write!  I had planned to continue my series of posts on modern quilts with an exploration into design aesthetic but I am going to postpone that one.

Last weekend saw the 7th Annual British Stitch and Quilt Village running at Uttoxeter racecourse and this is only one of two shows in the UK that has a Modern Category for the competition quilts, the other being Festival of Quilts.

There were 15 entries in all and I thought I would share them with you.  It just so happens that mine is the first one to see but I am doing them numerically!!

Q3-45 Mini to Maxi – Churn Dash by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff – Awarded 1st Place

Q3-46 All the Colours of the Sun by Janet French

Q3 -47 Improv 9-Patch Hilary Jackson – Awarded 2nd Place

Q3-48 Confetti Hearts by Stephanie Payne

Q3-49 Fresh for Spring by Margaret Palmer

Q3-50 Instagram Fun by Hilary Jackson

Q3-51 Modern Circles by Heather Hasthorpe

Q3-52 Tribute to Kadinsky by Eleanor Marsden

Q3-53 Leaf Fall by Sheila Curtis

Q3-54 Log-a-Rhythm by Susan Brown – Awarded 3rd Place

Q3-55 Pushing Boundaries by Louise Clark

Q3-56 Serenity by Alison Stothard

Q3-57 Never Underestimate the Small by Birgit Schueller

Q3-58 A Modern Sampler by Anne McSkimming

Q3-59 Bright & Cheerful by Patricia Mason

The other thing that was great to see, from a modern quilter’s point of view, was modern quilts in other categories.  In fact they were placed 2nd and 3rd in the Miniature Category:

Q5-83 Modern Mini by Arlene McLeish – Awarded 2nd Place

Q5-76 Teeny Tiny Rainbow by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff – Awarded 3rd Place

If you want to read more about this little quilt then head on over here.

Even the 1st Place quilt in the Traditional Category had a modern feel:

Q1-4 Rainbow Splash by Claudia Taeubert

and the Overall Show Winner was entered into the Contemporary Category, where it came 1st, but could also have been entered into Modern:

Q2-40 Hole Cloth by Birgit Schueller

So you can see modern quilts can be oh so many things.  But, as I said right at the start, it really is best not to get hung up on labels and just make quilts that you enjoy making and love at the end!