Gulliver has been very busy theses last few weeks. So much so he’s kept my sewing machine very occupied.

March brought with it two storms, Freya and Gareth. It’s no fun being a small bird in all that weather. Gulliver barely held onto his perch.


I don’t know if you have ever watched seagulls in windy weather, they are very comical. Try it and see.

We had a very late and cold night up on the North York Moors when we were extras in a 7th Century film shoot. St Hild of Whitby Abbey joined us. The film is called The Shadow over Whitby and looks set to be quite scary. Hope you can catch it.


Talking of film sets. Did you spot Gulliver on the set of GOT. No, you sure? Take a closer look at whose riding one of the dragons!

Gulliver had a day doing what he does best. Singing. I’m sure you have all heard seagulls singing. They think they have wonderful voices and sing so sweetly and in tune. He really outdid himself and had a thoroughly wonderful time, singing his very best. Whitby Community Choir didn’t know what had hit them. Not sure he will be invited back.

Finally we hope you all had a wonderful Easter. It’s very special for us here in Whitby as in 664 at the Synod of Whitby the date for Easter was set. It’s also said that birds that fly over the Abbey nod their heads in reverence to the glory of St Hilda. Not that our Gulliver is the slightest bit interested in that. He is of course very interested in what comes with Easter. Chocolate. Hope you all a lovely time and ate at least one egg. I know Gulliver did.