Next month we will be looking at recycling in patchwork, which some might say is where our craft began.   The lovely people at Gutermann have put together a great collection of threads for working with denim, and of course denim is not just for jeans.  What about all the old pairs we grew out of, or the almost endless supply of cheap pairs from charity shops we could be using.

The new Denim 100m jeans thread from Gütermann enables everyone to be as creative and stylish as the pros. This strong, versatile, colour-fast professional thread is not just for jeans! Denim fabrics are great for a whole range of home decorating and fashion projects such as bags, backpacks, cushion covers skirts, dresses and garment accessories.

Whether you buy new denim or upcycle an old pair of jeans, this robust thread is easy to use and performs exceptionally well as a needle or bobbin thread, even when working with several layers or stitching seams together. Denim 100m, with its high resistance to wear and tear, is great for stitching all areas of sturdy denim fabrics.

The Denim thread pack contains 6 x 100m spools of 100% polyester thread in 8 assorted colours. RRP £13.00 approx.

100 % Polyester

6 x spools of denim thread in typical jeans shades

Robust and hardwearing

Scrub resistant and colour fast

Can be used in combination with Sew All Thread

Washable up to 95 degrees