The second book by and about UK Quilters United is very soon available to purchase on Amazon globally. The Kindle version went live on 27 June 2019 and the paperback should be available shortly too.

The book is the result of the hard work carried out by 25 amazing volunteer writers during the last couple of months. Thank you all! When the call for stories went out in February this year, the request was for any quilting-related stories, poems, limericks, etc.

As the stories started coming in, four groupings began to emerge.

UK Quilters United

At the beginning, the book includes a handful of stories about UK Quilters United and what the Facebook groups and the website have meant to the writers. Mo tells us about her role as one of our first Admins and the local activities she’s doing in the south west, Sylvia tells us how the idea of the website was conceived. Jacquie, Sally and Carolyn have written lovely stories about the friendships formed online and in real life.

Quilting journeys and a mini novella

In the Quilting Journeys section, Maggie tells us how her being bored, meant she ended up with needle and thread, Juliet confesses to never finishing anything (well, sometimes it does happen…) and Christine moves from being a baby in the corner to being head of department (but still the youngest). Linda gives us a view on what she keeps from quilting magazines, whereas Lyn has written a very heartfelt story about a dear quilting friend.

At the end of the Quilting Journey section, Antonella’s mini novella will hopefully strike a chord with many. It is an amazing story, which I hope you’ll all enjoy.

Finding support in quilting

The third section is dedicated to stories where quilting has been an important part through challenging times. Some of the stories will be slightly sad, but they all end on a positive note. Jane tells us how she made it to her first retreat (the UKQU Bloggerati retreat). Denise shares the importance of music in her life, Rebecca has some wise words for us all and Gillian confesses to being an addict (aren’t we all!). Jeanne shares how quilting has given her distraction, self-esteem and a social network. By reading Maggie’s story, you’ll find out more about one of the many amazing charities attracting quilters. In this section is also an emotional and lovely poem by one of our fellow quilters.

Life experiences

The the fourth section, includes stories about taking quilting a step further. Katie started a keepsake quilt business to be able to spend more time with her little dude and Colette tells her story about how she now works as a textile and screen printing designer. Sue shares her story of how she managed to get a grant to travel 14,000 miles and sleep in twelve different beds. Another Sue, shares how she found some old HSTs from her mum and how she turned them into a tangible memory. We also have Teresa’s shoulder, who is out causing trouble with That Old Bag. Judith tells her story on how a painter became a quilter. To give all UK based quilters (and readers) some envy, our third Sue tells her story from Spain where quilting fabrics are scarce and Linda writes to us from the Azores, where she doesn’t have a longarm onboard her boat.

Get your copy on Amazon

As an introductory offer, the Kindle version is available for £4.99 (free if you have Kindle Unlimited) and the printed book at £12.99. All profits from the books will go straight back to the work we do with the Facebook groups and promotion of UKQU at shows. If we have any money left over, we’ll use it to pay for books to use in give-aways ensuring we ‘balance the books’. Thank you in advance for your support.

PS. If you go to Amazon, you can use the “Look Inside” feature to see the table of contents and to read some of the stories.

PPS. If you spot any errors please let me know so I can correct it in the next edition.

PPPS. If you like to read our first book, UK Quilters United by a common thread, it is available on Amazon as paperback (full colour version including images) and as a text only Kindle version, just search for ‘Julie Passey’ and they should both come up.


  1. Nina Post author

    UPDATE APRIL 2020 — I have submitted a request to Amazon to reduce the price on all our books. Hopefully it’ll be approved soon! The Kindle versions are still available for free if your are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.