I was thrilled to be asked to review UK Quilters united by a second thread, I read a sample of the first book on amazon and I was inspired, this just escalated the anticipation to read this book. When the book arrived I was shocked as to how vibrant the colours were on the Bargello quilt, the book is light weight with text that is easy to read on crisp white pages.

The contents page is broken down into four easy to find sections with all pages individually numbered and all stories titled and authors  credited. Each story is individual to the person and quite unique. All photos are exquisite, the detail in these photos are far superior to many magazines.

The first section details the history of ukqu Facebook pages which then grew into this amazing website. The book goes on to discuss the journeys individuals have travelled within their quilting experience. This part I found extremely inspiring, we all have been there where we can’t sew a straight line or and an even seam allowance but it gives hope that one day we can all achieve something spectacular.

This book is the most inspirational quilting books I have ever read, it’s laugh out loud funny in places and also quite moving in others. This is a book I will be returning to again and again as well as sharing with a friend. It has encouraged me to pick up my sewing even though it’s not perfect but to remember I’m the only one who knows where the errors are and that it doesn’t always matter that my points may not match.


  1. Nina

    Sarah, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lovely review of the book! It was a joy putting together all the stories and ‘getting to know’ the various authors. Hope your sew-mo stays with you!