My mother always brought me up to be polite but on this occasion, I’m going to flash my drawers!

You may well have heard of the young Japanese lady, Marie Kondo, who has developed a decluttering and tidying method – the KonMari system. Now, I’m not the tidiest of people, cleanish but not always tidy. I regularly joke that I’ve no time for housework (I’m writing this having promised myself I’d wash the kitchen floor tonight!) So when I was told about the KonMari method I was sceptical, to say the least. Before I go any further I’ll point out that I’m not a full convert. I’ve only managed to do several areas of my life so far but plan, albeit very slowly, to work the way through the rest of my junk. 

CD rack of Fat Quarters

She suggests, rather than taking your home a room at a time, where you end up moving things around from room to room, that you choose an item and start with that. I started with glasses. May sound silly but I have a glass-fronted kitchen cupboard where my ‘nice’ glasses are kept. It needed a clean and, if I’m honest, I’d run out of room for the lovely new gin Copa glass my friend had bought me. So, out they all came, each one being checked for damage and then for ‘love’. Yes, I know, sounds daft but you know when you pick up your favourite much and you have that ‘ahhh’ moment. That’s what I mean. When you pick something up and think ‘uggg’ then it needs to go. But how does this relate to sewing? Well, the second item I decided to tidy was…..(drum roll, please)….. my fabric stash!

Larger pieces folded in a drawer

When dealing with clothing Marie has a particular folding method which can be translated to our Fat Quarters, meterage or any pieces of a decent size. I have CD racks from a well known Swedish store which are perfect for folded FQ’s. I now have two which take a surprising amount but the rest of my stash kept getting shoved into a chest of drawers. Then you have the problem of not knowing where that special piece you bought has disappeared to. Which of course means another trip to the shop to buy more and whilst there, you may as well pick up that other fabric that’s caught your eye as well. Where do you put it? Into the ‘Drawers of Doom’, never to be seen again. (I also have a kitchen cupboard known as the ‘Cupboard of Doom’ – holds the Tupperware!)

Easy to see everything

I never believed my fabric collection would fit back in, never in a million years, but to my surprise, it did with room to spare. Look, you can see every piece! Folded with the selvedges and raw edges tucked safely inside so no loose threads to pull and tangle. I can see every piece easily and can spend just a few moments looking for a particular fabric rather than the three hours emptying and re-packing. 

Undies drawer!
T-Shirt Drawer

I have now started on my clothes and although it takes a few moments longer to fold each item, the speed with which I can pull the right top out of the drawer more than makes up for it. I can find everything I need at a moment.

I can honestly say, my life has changed!