I live in a b&b in Whitby. My husband and I do all the running of it. It’s very hard work during the summer months, but great fun helping guests enjoy Whitby and their holidays. There’s always new festivals to enjoy and familiar places and faces to visit. Once the jobs are done and it’s time to get out and about it’s like being on a permanent holiday. We both have our rolls and mostly everything runs smoothly. This year Gulliver decided he wanted to help, I wasn’t so sure, but he insisted he’d be a really good b&b apprentice. So this is how it went.

Firstly, we decided he could Greet our guests. He’s a chatty little fellow, always with a smile and pleasant word. Suitcases? no problem with his big strong wings. Doesn’t he look smart in his new uniform?


Then he had a go at helping cook breakfast, we offer a big full Yorkshire breakfast which takes some getting together and on the plate all piping hot at the same time. We let him try.


There’s always lots of washing and ironing to do in a busy b&b. Yes , of course Gulliver you can have a go. Mind you don’t singe your feathers!


Once the ironing complete of course the beds need changing, there’s a skill to replacing a duvet cover, bless him, he did try his best.


And finally, the dreaded bathrooms. Always a thorough clean needed here. I have to say he tried very hard with the loo brush.


So all in all how did Gulliver get on? The pics show he threw himself into any situation we gave him, by the end of the week, his smile was wearing a little thin, and his feet were a bit sore. It’s a wonderful thought running a b&b, but the work is long and hard. Gulliver tried his best bless him, but in his own words I’m not sure he’s cut out for it. Do photos ever lie? I will let you make up your mind with his final one this time.