Easy to use, iron-on volume fleeces from Vlieseline will keep your fabrics firmly in place while you stitch. Ideal for quilting as well as for other sewing projects. You can choose from a double-sided or a single-sided fusible fleece depending on what you’re making and both will help ensure an accurate finish whilst skipping the need for laborious pinning or tacking.

• Suitable for washing up to 40 °C on a gentle cycle

• Suitable for drying cleaning

• Available in white only

Always test on a small scrap of your chosen fabric first.

Place the fleece with fusible side on wrong side of your fabric. Cover with a damp cloth and iron on wool setting, pressing each area for 15 seconds until entire surface is bonded.

Tip: Use a pressing action as gliding the iron can distort the fabric.

Allow adhesive to set properly by leaving to cool flat for 30 minutes.

H630-10 is a single-sided, low loft, 90cm wide fleece that is ideal for patchwork and quilting. RRP £5.85 per metre


H640-10 is a single-sided, medium loft, 90cm wide fleece perfect for warm weather clothing and thicker quilts. RRP £10.12 per metre.


HH650-10 is a double-sided, medium loft, 150cm wide fleece that bonds two fabrics in one operation. RRP £10.30 per metre.


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