I know, I know! I said it was only ever going to be a 5 part series, but I obviously fibbed, (After writing No 5 of 5 ). So here it is …. The Unexpected Part 6. Sorry if you had been heaving a sigh of relief, but basically tough here it is!

My previous blogs in this series have involved Babies (or maybe not) on Quilts, Firemen delivering babies, then there was “That” friend with nearly impossible requests for very specific fabric desires for quilts for her friends who were having babies. Have you ever tried finding Fish, Octopus, Sea Horse, Star Fish, Shells, Sea Turtles & then Frogs and Lily Pads. No I didn’t think so! The last “ask” was somewhat “Unfrogettable!”

I then explored the much maligned topic of Cats and Dogs on Quilts, also very frowned on by the Quilting Glitterati, even managing to sling in a random duck race & a catnapping as well, to really wind them up!

I went out with a bang for the end of the 5 part series, or so I thought, with a cute story about a rescue kitten surviving against all the odds.

My job here is now done! Blogging over, Series was completed or so I thought, with No 5, so job done, finished & goodbye! If you want to see my previous irreverent blogs you can find them by clicking HERE.

However I don’t like uneven numbers, so when I was encouraged by UKQU to continue the series, because readers seemed to enjoy my meandering ramblings, I finally agreed to do a Grand Finale, so here is Part 6.

I really, really genuinely mean it. This will be the very last “Controversial? Moi?” Series Blog …….. EVER…..  there is only so much envy and hatred alike from serious quilters that one woman can endure! I rather liked the envy though, PLUS I am nearly running out of controversial things to put on quilts that do not breach pre watershed viewing guidelines 🙂 ………

So as my finale dear readers I am going for a very Silly SSSSSSSSSS Swansong……. I am helped in this respect with some wonderful pictures of snakes taken by a very dear friend Philip Jacobs …. never heard of him you say?

Philip Jacobs in an incredible Fabric Designer who is part of the worldwide recognised Kaffe Fasset Collective & who also designs for his own Snow Leopard Designs range of Fabrics (See what I did there, I sneaked in yet another animal … a Snow Leopard!) Philip also takes amazing wildlife photos as well, and this is a picture of some adders fighting over their chosen lady snake called Adeline. He also digs up Dinosaurs & his discovery of a unique Ichthyosaur fossil now called “Britney” is in The Etches Fossil Collection in Dorset. His latest fabric collection is called “Neddy’s Meadow” and features his special friend who is a white stallion called Neddy. (Yep just sneaked in a stallion now as well…. go me!)    


You might not recognise his name but almost certainly you will certainly recognise his fabric designs including Brassica.

Some of his designs are now being used in the Coach Fashion Brand for their Fall 2019 Collection for Fashion Clothing and Handbags. But I digress this is all about snakes, Thanks Philip Jacobs for letting me use your photo’s though. xxxx

I make charity quilts for various reasons, mainly because I like making quilts, and no one in my immediate family wants or needs more of them. I like using them myself for comfort or a hug. I like trying something new in terms of pattern or design, so after making quilts for the Grenfell Tower Quilt Appeal, others for nurses that helped me nurse my father in his last few days, and one for an Aid convoy to Kosovo, I needed a new focus to concentrate my sewing on, and there it was …..“Quilts for Care Leavers”. Q4CL making quilts to be distributed at Christmas Dinners For Care Leavers which are held around the country by “The Gold From The Stone Foundation” which was established by the poet & writer Dr Lemn Sissay MBE. This will be the 6th year of the Christmas Dinners & last year 17 dinners were held on Christmas Day. In 2018 a total of 117 quilts were made for the Leeds, Manchester & Barnsley Dinners. This year the target is 1000 quilts so more Christmas Dinners can be supplied.

Last year I made one complete quilt and contributed to many others. This year one of the first ones I finished had a riot of colour & featured snakes & other creatures. I had a Moda Jelly Roll “SSS Silly Safari“. I sorted a jelly roll into 6 sets of 5 by colour. I wanted to create a rainbow effect.

I then laid all the strips out to get the right colour and volume graduation.

Finished …. showing the way I arranged the strips to ensure no 2 designs were next to each other, and that the colours flowed.

The Quilt is now finished and draped over a garden chair. The wadding/batting was Hobbs 100% Cotton Heirloom Batting and it gives a lovely drape.


Each strip was quilted in rainbow variegated King Tut thread with a simple wiggle, which is a built in stitch from my Pfaff Performance 5.

I could not get any more of the original range for backing because it had been out of print for quite a few years. I found this fabulous design for the backing instead which featured Snakes, Geckos, Lizards, Frogs, Tortoise & Alligators. That was a welcome bonus as it increased my “Creatures on Quilts” total substantially.

Finished quilt on our Sponge Fossil Stone Wall, showing the backing.

The finished quilt has had a celebrity outing already, just up the road to Oxford. Lemn Sissay, who is the inspiration behind the Christmas Dinners for Care Leavers, was launching his new book “My Name is Why” at the Blackwell’s Book Shop, which is a memoir about his childhood & his life in care. He gave an amazing talk & later he was overwhelmed to find out that there are now 877 quilters  & supporters who share his vision of making Christmas Day extra special for Care Leavers. He obviously knew about the project direct from the founder Maggie Lloyd Jones, but was amazed about the number of people who care & are now contributing too. I gave him a extra special hug with the quilt that I have finished, that will be now going to one of the Christmas Dinner events being held this year to an unknown young guest.

I also gave this award winning inspirational author a copy of a book as well, “UK Quilters United by a second threadwhich was written by 25 collaborative authors from UKQU and one of the authors, Maggie Lloyd- Jones writes about Quilts for Care Leavers. I wrote a chapter too in my normal tongue in cheek style. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can even download and read it for free, but I would recommend using either a PC/laptop/tablet  so you can see all the pictures in colour.

So that’s it folks…..  Arrivederci, السلام عليكم, Ciao, Hwyl Fawr, Viszlát, Auf Wiedersehen, Sampai Jumpa, Au Revoir, Hejdå, Adios, 再见, 再見, Tot Ziens, Näkemiin, Shalom, さようなら, Namaste, 안녕히 계세요, Tạm Biệt, До Свидания, Doviđenja, ਅਲਵਿਦਾ, Adeus, להתראות, Rămas Bun, বিদায় (নিচ্ছি), Farvel, Yasou, As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum, Totsiens, Veloma, ගිහිල්ලා එන්නම්, Do Zobaczenia, Slan, Velli Vostanu, Sbohem, Seh-Beeg-Sayonna, Nasvidenje, Aloha, Nawatha Hamu Wwemu, Punha bhetu, Slan, Poitu Varein, Paalam Na, Sige La, Selamat Jalan, Minawaa Giga-Waabamin, Khuda Hafiz, Donadagohvi, Hagoonea, Чао, Velli Vostanu.

Phew….. All blogs done as promised !

I thought I had got away with it! Doing an extra blog I assumed I could have a rest now, but not to be I am afraid, the “nose and grindstone senior operatives” have decreed they want more! I have now done enough “Controversial? Moi?” blogs anyway!

Meet Mildred, she is a bright blue Citroen Picasso that used to belong to my late parents. She is a bit long in the tooth now, a bit like me really, a strange shape but usually dependable. She will be hosting a new series called “MMMM”  (Mildred’s Marvellous Meandering Musings). I have absolutely no idea where she will lead me or even where we might end up going, she won’t have a clue either, but it should be a bit of fun. See you soon! xxxxx